Meet my husband, CJ.

A couple days ago my husband, CJ, introduced me. Today is my turn to introduce him.

Where do I begin? CJ really is the most creative person I know. And not just creative but incredibly talented. His mind thinks, his ears hear, and his eyes see things in ways that I don't understand – which is usually a good thing. 🙂

He loves the visual arts. Photography is his passion. He loves learning about photography techniques and equipment. He loves taking pictures and editing them. He loves to make people feel and look their best.

He is a talented drummer. He plays with a small cover band, and especially loves to play the drums at our church. He has the ability to replicate exactly what was played on an album, and he also has an incredible ear to know what would fit perfectly in any song that he is given to play without ever hearing the song previously.

When he's not working creatively he enjoys relaxing while playing a challenging video game, watching a good movie, or eating some yummy food.

What do I love and admire most about my husband? I love that He is a man who loves Jesus and by God's grace he is becoming more like Him. I love doing this life with him! He's my favorite.



One thought on “Meet my husband, CJ.”

  1. What a great idea of introduction, and the sweet words love. I ‘d like to hear more about both of you and your new business together.
    Keep me posted. Thanks!

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