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Uh Welcome Err Everybody

Hi folks and welcome to “we make beautiful things” this is the personal side to on this side we'd like you to get to know us more as we talk about things that are important to us and the things we find beautiful, photography, food, music, Christ, and how it all is working together in our life. So I'll start I'm CaJuan (CJ) Wright and my wife's name is Marcy we've been married for 4 years and have 2 young daughters. Instead of me telling you a little about myself I'm going to do things differently and tell you a little about my wife



This is Marcy she has the biggest heart best smile and the most infectious laugh ever! (She also has a great tush but that's another blog in itself) I digress: this woman is passionate about all things child and home. How they learn. How they sleep. How they play. She is also very intelligent and opinionated and won't hesitate to give me truth if its need in love by way of Christ.

She also shares my passion in and for music and food we LOVE the it and reviewing sharing with others and EATING it



We also share a love of singing I especially love her voice is absolutely lovely. She's my best bud often my creative muse and I wouldn't wanna do life without her. We're looking forward to sharing or lives with you as we start this journey nice chatting with you see you soon